Yeshivat Frisch Publishes ‘Aish Dat’ Torah Journal

November 8, 2018

The first volume of Yeshivat Frisch’s official, renewed Torah journal, “Aish Dat,” appeared this month, with four insightful, well-researched articles by student authors: “The Character of Gechazi” by Michal Katz ‘19; “The Meaning of Names” by Noam Kuritzky ‘18; “Angels in Judaism” by Michele Scheer ‘19; and “Nevu’ah She-hutzrecha Le-Dorot” by Shoshana Solomon ‘19. The articles mine Tanach, Gemara traditional commentaries as well as academic works for insight.

“Yeshivat Frisch, following in the ways of yeshivot for centuries, strives to impart in its talmidim and talmidot an unwavering commitment to talmud Torah, the skills for critical thinking and to create bnei and bnot Torah who will have the ability to positively impact the Jewish community,” reads the editor’s note in the journal. “The process of producing the journal was designed to embolden the students with the ability to research any topic of interest, not just for this journal, but throughout a lifetime of learning.”